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When you just want Action

One of the biggest bug bears people have with online dating is that people aren’t clear on their intentions. Or worse still they lie about their intentions for the sake of getting people naked. Online is great, but if you just want sex, boy or girl, hiring a private escort is a hassle free option you should consider.

This Month In Reveiw

The month in review. Ladies and gents, what can I see, we are constantly amazed at your generosity in sharing your stories, the good, bad, ugly and funny! It has been such a massive response that we thought it was high time we did a summary post to see what we covered so far and to put your favourite stories in one easy to find place. No deo no go Pongy dates are never good, read the story about over inflated confidence and under used personal hygiene products! Change rooms make great first dates Naughty encounters with first time lovers, get ready to get hot with this story! Girl meets boy dates best friend Sometimes we meet people for reasons out of our control – like being lead to others.  A lovely story of a relationship and a friendship blooming That awkward silence Umm… probably don’t online date if you […]

I Started Dating Dave

I started dating Dave after meeting him on Tinder. He was incredible an Adonis of a man that I was head over heals for. We went on whirlwind adventures and weekends away and he had told me that he was a ‘consultant’. I was so into him, I never really stopped to give the job much thought, I mean who would. Why would I care, the man was perfect. Maybe that should have been my first indication… After a few months Dave started to pop out more regularly, when we first started dating he used to disappear and it was always a client that needed help. Once Sunday morning he said he had to go and he would be back in a few hours. I asked what possible could a client need on a Sunday that couldn’t wait until Monday. It was the first time I had actually called him […]

That Awkward Silence…

Sent in by Dave This is hands down one of the funniest stories I have received. Sorry Dave, don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune, but you said yourself it was hilarious. To be featured, email us your story! Not all online dates without talking are bad, however for the majority of new encounters, talking and communicating is needed to you know, actually have a date. Dave had a classic encounter of two is company, threes a crowd! I have had a few dates where the girls can talk online but when we meet in person, they are really shy or nervous and seem like totally different people. I have just kind of excepted that it is a downfall that you sometimes have to encounter when meeting people online.   This date, the girl seemed completely confident and normal. We had even spoken on the phone and she was fine. […]

Sent in by Maz If you would like to have your story featured on our website, submit via email, we will keep it anonymous for you if you desire. This one is a dating story with a twist. Don’t know if you can say really say Maz and her boyfriend really met online! Cheeky! Enjoy fans! I meet Simon on Plenty of Fish – he was really nice guy. There wasn’t a great deal of chemistry from my end, and he was kind of into me, but I think it was pretty mutual. Be both liked he each as people and friends, but really had no sexual attraction. We had hung out for about 4 dates when he asked me over to his house one night for Netflix and Chill. Not like the normal Netflix and Chill which means sex – by this stage we were really both platonic. We hadn’t […]

Submitted by Natasha. Not all stories are bad, online dating provides opportunities for living out fantasies if you are as lucky as Natasha. Nathan and I met on Tinder. It started out the usual way, chatting on the app, we moved to a message app and started sharing a few raunchy pics. This went on for a few months, we both weren’t obviously that into each other and like everyone online, we were both probably talking to at least 5 other people. One day, we both had the afternoon off and we decided to meet up for coffee. We somehow got joking about how we should just have sex in a changeroom. Nathan said it was a fantasy of his, and I thought why the hell not. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, so why not. The excitement and nervousness was intense, what if we get caught? What if we don’t […]

No DEO No GO (No Deodorant!)   Online dating has its challenges; the biggest being pictures not looking like the person. We have all been there, but what online can’t detail (and it somehow should have a self rating scale – not that that would probably help) is for body odour. Yep, I’m talking BO. The worst gut wrenching, chunder inducing, hell bent poignant smell you could ever imagine. No, really. Take the worst cab ride you have ever had, hey don’t get all up in arms, we all know cab rides are the hit grand for BO, and times it by 1000. Then you are starting to get a jist for the hell I had to endure for an hour when I met the stinkiest date I have every encountered. Let me set the scene… Dude: hot pictures. Dude: as he walks towards me at the bar, matches pictures. […]

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